What happened before 1945?


The company’s founder, Dr. Heinz Müller, started his career as an electrical engineer in a small air-craft construction company. Within this company he was, amongst other engineers, instrumental in developing the electronic artificial horizon for aircraft-cockpits – an invention which today is standard in all air-craft-cockpits.

The artificial horizon shows the pilot, if and to which degree his air-craft is inclining along the longitudinal and lateral axis in relationship to the horizon. The position of the artificial horizon-sphere corresponds to the sphere of the real horizon and informs the pilot about the angle of attack and the slope of the air-craft.

Under good wheather conditions, the pilot gets the information about the flight altitude by looking at the horizon, but in extreme flight conditions and in clouds he is dependent on the artificial horizon.
Looking for new challenges, Dr. Müller founded his own company in 1945, and in memory of this invention named it “horizont” (English: horizon)

Chronicle from 1945 ...


1945 Foundation of the one-man-business „Dr. Heinz Müller, workshop for electro-technique” by Dr. Heinz Müller, situated in a cowshed in Heskem (Germany), near Marburg.
1950 Production of the first electric fencers; first usage of low maintenance dry-batteries.
1952 Building of the factory „horizont gerätewerk Dr. Heinz Müller” in Korbach.
1956 The battery operated fencer „Ultra-Automatic S“ (Relay circuit reliable in service and patented in the everlasting cast iron housing) becomes the export- money-spinner.
1968 Invention and production of road hazard warning lamps (equipped with long-life dry-batteries and patented thief-proof fixing bracket “secura”)
1974 Both sons of Dr. Heinz Müller, take over the management of the company after their fathers death.
1975 horizont launches the road hazard warning lamp “Optima” as mass-product – this meant the end for the common petroleum lamp.

Chronicle ... till today


1977 Foundation of the „horizont signaltechnik GmbH“as sales company for the range of road safety products.
1988 Foundation of the „horizont agrartechnik“as a sales company for  electric fencer and further agricultural equipment.
1992 Foundation of „horizont ROLOS“ in Poland as production plant for accessories for electric fencers and sales subsidiary in Eastern Europe
2001 Previous single companies “signaltechnik” and “KLEMMFIX” merge to one of the market leaders worldwide in mobile traffic guidance systems.
2002 horizont Korbach becomes 50 years. The extended warehouse now allows delivery within 24 or 48 hours in all neighbouring countries.
2005 horizont becomes 60 years old.
2006 "agrartechnik" and "klemmfix" become "Division agrartechnik" and "Division klemmfix" in the "horizont group gmbh".



The IT-Network in Korbach allows an ongoing  integration of the European subsidiaries, working on the Servers in Korbach. Due to this system, each purchase order entered into the system affects the actual stock, resp.the production and allows, if possible, the dispatch of the goods on the same day!

Via EDI system (“EANCOM”) your purchase order is electronically processed from the actual order to the printing of the invoice.
communication platform “Lotus-Notes”, with electronic customer files and “knowledge centres”, enables each employee in indoor – or field service, to communicate best possible with our customers.

We are pleased to inform you about our company and our products on our constantly updated website „http://www.horizont.com“. This information is completed by our catalogues, in different languages, and our exhibition-, training and conference centre.